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Grain Finished Beef Prices:

Beef Cuts and pricing:
  • Sirloin Steaks- 9.99/lb
  • Ribeye Steaks- 9.99/lb
  • New York Strip Steaks- 9.99/lb
  • London Broil Steaks- 9.99/lb
  • Round Steaks- 7.99/lb
  • Filet Mignon- 14.99/lb
  • Chuck Eye Roast- 7.99/lb
  • Chuck Roast- 7.99/lb
Premium Ground Beef- 5.99/lb
Quarter Share Package Description:

    Each Quarter Share contains equal amounts of steak cuts, roasts, and premium ground beef.

    Includes 42 lbs of lean, trim, steak cuts. All meat is vacuum packaged and clearly labeled for your convenience. 

Each "pack" includes 2 each of the steak cuts.
  • Sirloin Steaks- 6 packs
  • Ribeye Steaks- 3 packs
  • New York Strip Steaks- 2 packs
  • London broil Steaks- 3 packs
  • Round Steaks- 1 pack
  • Filet Mignon- 2 packs
  • Chuck Eye Roast- 1 pack
  •  Chuck Roast- 7 packs
Each quarter share also includes 73 lbs of premium ground beef.

Total of 115 lbs of GNB
Price: $850.00 per quarter share
Average Price per pound: $7.40/lb

     We are now offering "eighth" shares of our GNB. The package is essentially a condensed version of our quarter share. It will include 21 lbs of lean, trim, steak cuts, and 36 lbs of lean, premium ground beef. 57 lbs total of GNB for $425.00   
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